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DEmojiJS is a lightweight, simple NodeJS wrapper around the DiscordEmoji API.

View on Github By Jin#8303

DEmoji.PY is a lightweight, simple python wrapper around the DiscordEmoji API.

View on Github By lukee#0420

DEmoji is a powerful JavaScript library for interacting with the DiscordEmoji API.

View on Github By chroventer#6130
DiscordEmoji Android App

View and download any of the emoji from on the go using this community made android app.

Get the app By ExtraConcentratedJuice#9226
EmojiButler Bot

EmojiButler is an advanced emoji management bot, you can add any emoji from to your server using easy commands.

Get the bot By ExtraConcentratedJuice#9226
Equalizer Bot

This bot has many useful commands, including the ability to upload emoji from

Get the bot By ITheEqualizer#0001
Erebus Bot

Search, view, add and remove any emoji to your server from using Erebus.

Get the bot By ᴅɴʟ ∶)#1928
Discord Emoji Bot

View & add emoji from as well as many other emoji related commands

Get the bot By Ankrad#0597
Croissant Bot

Add emoji to your server using the multifunctional bot croissant. (Includes many general commands)

Get the bot By dotcomboom#1395
EmojiAdder User-Script

Add emoji to your server with 1 click by using this awesome browser user-script

Get userscript By ExtraConcentratedJuice#9226
Automated Emojis

Finding and adding the perfect emoji to your server can be difficult! Not anymore with Automated Emojis!

Get the bot By CmdData#0101
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